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What is Handicap Betting? How to Play Handicap Betting Effectively

The handicap betting is offered by many online bookmakers nowadays with the aim of increasing diversity in the betting system. However, many beginners still find this type of play unfamiliar. Therefore, the following article will help you understand and explore a new type of bet to try.

What is the Handicap Betting?

Kick Off" is another term for handicap betting that appears on many online platforms. Although this type of bet is not new, it still feels unfamiliar whenever it starts. True to its name, this type of bet, offered by Wintips Gaming Portal, best soccer prediction app which team will kick off and move the ball first to start the game.

In theory, you only need to choose one of the two options to win. Therefore, the chance of winning is 50:50, which is why it is quite attractive to many bettors eager to explore the wonders of football betting.

Should bettors choose the Kick off handicap for betting?

The concept of handicap betting has clarified the nature of betting odds, but many people wonder whether they should invest in this new and unfamiliar form of betting. Therefore, please carefully read the advantages and disadvantages below of this type of bet before making a decision:


Kick off is highly regarded by many bettors for the following great advantages:

  • There are only 2 possible outcomes to bet on, without any specific odds constraints like in handicap or Over/Under betting. Therefore, you don't have to overthink or analyze too much before placing your bet.

  • The winning probability is quite high as each outcome has a 50% chance, with only two options available.

  • Information about the two teams such as form, lineup, tactics, etc., does not affect the player's full time home win prediction result. Hence, you don't need to spend too much time analyzing compared to other types of bets.

  • Kick off betting is suitable for those who enjoy testing their luck and desire quick results.


This type of betting also has some limitations that you need to pay attention to, such as:

  • Predicting relies entirely on luck to determine the outcome. You have no basis to predict which team will have the opportunity to kick off first as it depends on the toss of a coin by the referee.

  • This is the only type of bet where bettors can know the outcome as soon as the referee starts the match. Therefore, you cannot make live bets during the game to increase your winnings.

  • With the above advantages, players can still choose this type of bet to try their luck due to its high prediction accuracy. However, you should only consider this as a form of entertainment, a chance to test your luck, and place small bets.

Key points for handicap betting players to remember

Despite having its own advantages and limitations, to explore all the interesting aspects of sports betting, especially football, you should still try this type of bet. To start off smoothly, let's look at the basic gameplay:

How to read Kick off odds on online platforms

With only 2 options to choose from, handicap betting is quite straightforward. You just need to pay attention to some information along with tip win when reading the odds table:

Bet name: Handicap/ Kick off.

Team information: Players can note that the team listed first from left to right is the home team, and the other team is the away team. If it's a neutral venue, the team name will have an additional 'N' next to it.

Payout odds: Information about the odds for each option will be listed right below the team names.

Winning and losing scenarios and payout calculation

Kick off betting only offers 2 options, which are either of the two teams participating in the match. Therefore, players only need to accurately predict which team will have the privilege of kicking off first in the game to have a chance of winning.

Calculating winnings on Wintips is also quite simple:

Winnings = Amount wagered x Odds of the winning option.

Losses = Initial amount wagered.

Real-life handicap betting odds table

To better understand the kick off bet, players can follow the odds table for the match between Maritimo and CF Estrela da Amadora at Wintips.

Bet name: Team to kick off.

Teams participating in the match: Maritimo is the home team, and CF Estrela da Amadora is the away team.

Payout odds: Placing a bet on either Maritimo or CF Estrela da Amadora, players will win with odds of 2.87 and 3.05 respectively.

When betting on this type of bet, players will encounter one of two scenarios when betting 100,000 VND on Maritimo kicking off:

If the home team Maritimo is given the privilege of kicking off, the player wins the bet: 100,000 x 2.87 = 287,000 VND.

If the away team gains the privilege of starting the match, the player loses the initial 100,000 VND.

Some useful tips for handicap betting

As mentioned earlier, Kick off relies entirely on luck to choose the winning option. However, you can still use some tips filtered from experienced bettors by Wintips to get closer to victory:

  • In each match, you cannot predict which team the referee will allow to kick off. However, you can review the recent history of matches to see which team has had more kick off opportunities and make your selection based on that.

  • Experienced bettors have statistically found that the home team often has a higher chance of winning the kick off. Therefore, bettors can place their bets on this option to test their luck.

  • Understanding the main referee is also a way for players to have a higher chance of winning this bet. You can analyze whether this referee typically favors the home or away team when making the coin toss decision.

  • Players can review past matches and observe the habits of the referee to make accurate

Players can definitely conquer the kick off bet if they understand the information provided in the article above. You can immediately apply the experiences shared by Wintips to have more grounds for winning this luck-based bet. Read more: Join These Top 5 Football best telegram tipsters


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