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Our mission is to provide sustainable and nutrient-dense Microgreens to the wonderful people of Kingston. We are a Health and Nutrition focused company committed to sustainably and ethically growing microgreens. Our microgreens are 100% free of pesticides and contain up to 40 times more nutrients than their mature counterparts. We are a fully indoor, year-round microgreens grower that utilizes Hydroponic agriculture technologies. By growing indoors, not only do we create optimal growing conditions for a high quality crop, but we provide consistent supply throughout the entire year.

About Our Market

Hello Everyone.

B.B Sprouts is a company created by Andre Beaupre and Troy Beaton

We created this company in the pursuit of more nutritional foods and realized microgreens contain up to 40% more phytochemicals (beneficial nutrients and components) than their full-grown counterparts. Though these little greens are small in stature, they contain extremely high levels of powerful vitamins, minerals, and health-supporting components.

We started our journey mid pandemic to provide sustainable super nutritional microgreens to our friends and a few businesses around Kingston.

We are now at a capacity where we can take on new customers who are looking to add some flavour to their meals with a healthy conscious.

We are extremely grateful for everyone being so supportive and we look forward to meeting with you soon


B.B Sprouts

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