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How to Play Football Parlay Betting to Beat the Bookmakers

Playing football parlay betting is considered one of the popular choices. With its completeness and ease of participation as well as attractive odds, this type of betting meets the needs of many people. Let's follow win tips bet for details in this article to have the best, safe, and easy winning experience.

What is football parlay betting? Quick Decoding

Football parlay betting, also known as Mix Parlay, is a way of placing bets that involves stacking different types of bets together (from 3 or more). It includes Asian Handicap bets, European Handicap (½ bets), Over/Under bets, and even some other side bets.

Simply put, football parlay betting is when players utilize multiple bets in the same match. The amount wagered will be calculated based on an increasing ratio according to the number placed. In case any type within the parlay loses, the entire amount is considered a loss. Currently, in predicting football matches, there are three common types of calculations: System Parlay, Mix Parlay, and Combo Parlay.

Specific Calculation of Football Parlay Betting for Beginners

When participating in this type of betting, it's important to perform a careful analysis to choose the most suitable calculation method for yourself.

With European Handicap bets

The European Handicap type has maintained its development and diversity over time. Typically, we prefer this type to bet on matches in European tournaments, in line with its name. It's favored for its higher winning potential compared to other types.

The calculation method for football parlay betting with European Handicap odds is as follows:

Bet coefficient of 1st bet x Bet coefficient of 2nd bet x Bet coefficient of 3rd bet... X Bet coefficient of "n" bet.

Reputable bookmaker list will conduct research and decide the coefficients based on the playing ability between the two teams participating in the match. The odds are carefully studied and comply with specific regulations, not arbitrarily set based on intuition.

For example: Using the 3-bet calculation method in football betting, a player places bets on 3 bets with $200 and the odds are as follows:

Barcelona: 1.50

Real Madrid: 1.80

Atletico Madrid: 1.70

Using the formula mentioned, the calculation is: 1.50 x 1.80 x 1.70 = 4.59. For example, if all three bets win, the player will receive $200 x 4.59 = $918. Conversely, if one of the three bets loses, the player will not receive any money from this bet type.

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Newcomers need to understand the calculation of parlay bets in football

Football Parlay Betting with Asian Handicap and Over/Under bets

The Asian Handicap type is different from the European Handicap in its calculation method. The calculation formula for parlay bets using Asian Handicap odds is:

Winning bet odds x [1 + (Half win odds - 1) / 2] x ½ (if half lose) x 1 (if draw) ... X Bet coefficient of "n" bet.

To explain this football parlay betting further, consider the following indices:

In case of a player's victory, we will apply the above formula and multiply by the multiplier, similar to the European Handicap calculation method.

If there is only one odds of winning ½, the formula will be calculated as [(Bet odds - 1) / 2] + 1.

In the case of a bet type losing ½, the coefficient will be halved.

If the bet type is a draw, we will multiply by 1.

4+ Effective Football Parlay Betting Tips

Here are some valuable tips drawn from many football parlay bettors:

Focus only on one match for analysis and betting. This helps you focus on researching and avoid spreading out too many matches, thereby increasing your chances of winning.

When you feel that the winning odds in a match are quite low but the odds are high, you can apply the "run parlay" strategy. This helps you try to offset losses by winning an easier match, while limiting damage to your account.

Concentrate, avoid information overload, and do not neglect important information to optimize your winning chances.

Before participating, you need to ensure your mindset is strong. This helps you maintain focus and confidence, and when you encounter failure, you will not be overly affected.

Effective football betting experiences

Effective football betting experiences

The above are the knowledge and experiences about how to play football parlay betting. Understanding the strategies and basic rules will make you more confident when participating in betting. From there, bettors will be able to make smarter decisions for their strategies.


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